Super foods that can increaes your sex drive

Super foods that can increaes your sex drive

When it comes to libido, everyone wants it at the highest levels. But, most people don’t want to deal with the side effects from drugs or unnatural methods. Luckily, there are several foods you can eat to boost your sex drive without any harmful side effects. These super foods that increase your libido and prowess are amazing. Best of all, they may already be in your refrigerator or home. They will give you that added boost you need to get your sex life going into full swing.



Remember all those times your parents told you to eat your broccoli because it was good for you? Turns out they were right. Not only is broccoli good for your diet and health, it is also great for increasing your blood circulation. In turn, that has a positive effect on your sexual prowess. The Vitamin C found in broccoli is good for both male and female when it comes to being a great sex booster.


Many have called watermelon the liquid Viagra. That’s because of their high content of citruline. There have been several studies which shown that watermelon juice or watermelon can be a libido booster. That’s because it improves blood circulation to the male’s penis area. In addition, it has a great deal of other vitamins which are good for you such as vitamin C, A and B6. And watermelon is also fat free.

Pomegranate Juice:

Besides helping you with your libido, pomegranate juice can also help reduce some health problems. The power juice can decrease heart disease and high blood pressure. Recent studies have also shown that it can help with ED or erectile dysfunction. In the study, the people who drank pomegranate juice had a significant improvement in sexual drive. That was when compared to others that did not. If you are worried about side effects, the only ones may be itching or a runny nose. Others include allergic reactions or trouble breathing. Yet most of the people that drank it, hardly ever showed any negative side effects.


Irrespective of how you like your eggs, they will help increase your sexual prowess. You can eat them deviled, fried, poached or scrambled as a way to boost your libido. They can be awesome for improving your stamina because of their high protein count. Also, eggs are packed with L-arginine and amino acid. Both of which have been found to be effectual when it comes to problems with erectile dysfunctions. Lastly, they can aid in treating several different kind of heart ailments.


Women can also get in on the act of increasing their sex boost by taking ginseng. Recent studies where women took ginseng supplements delivered an increase for those that who took it. Within a month, more than 68% of them said their sex lives and drive had improved. Men can also enjoy the power of ginseng since it works great as an energy drink too.


People eat lettuce as part of their salad to help them with weight problems. But, lettuce can also aid in boosting the sex drives of individuals. There is an opiate in lettuce which sets off sexual hormones in the body. Just add a bit of vinegar and oil to help you increase your sex drive.

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